Visiting Middlesex University Lab

We are currently recruiting infants aged 4-9 months for a study on how babies perceive musical sound, and as a souvenir and a gift we take a picture of your child as our Junior Visiting Scientist!


What happens during a visit to Middlesex babylab with your baby?

This short video will show you an example:


Little Scientist in Residence at Middlesex BabyLab taking part in an eye-tracking study: when someone is speaking, we can see that baby is looking at the woman’s eyes. The eye-region is very informative about feelings and emotions, and is also very important to tell what the speaker is paying attention to. 

eye-tracking study Arian


 Junior Visiting Scientists in residence at our babylab!



baby Benji


Research on infant development cannot progress without the help of parents –

we hope to hear from you soon!