George Evangelou



George completed his BSc in Psychology at Middlesex University. He tailored his degree towards cognitive psychology, with a focus on neuropsychology. As a semi-professional dancer (specialising in street/urban, African and Caribbean styles), before starting his degree, and someone who plays music too, he had a natural interest in the cognition underlying musical abilities. Thus he wished to work with Dr Fabia Franco and Dr Nicola Brunswick on their projects, and is now excited to be a part of this research group.


George is going on to do his joint MSc and PhD at Goldsmiths from September, working on “Haptics and the virtual self”. He will be working with Ultrahaptics to look at the sense of self (agency, bodily awareness and volition) in virtual reality – with a focus on the role of haptic feedback. With a keen interest on consciousness, agency and bodily awareness, he hopes to investigate these concepts through music cognition research in the future too.