Fabia Franco and Anthony Mangiacotti have collaborated with Dr Eris Chinellato and student Sara Cooper from Design Engineering & Mathematics at Middlesex who were developing a cognitive rehabilitation system based on the humanoid robot Pepper, a robot that would be able to recognize individuals and select cognitive exercises on the basis of the level of ability demonstrated by the individual in the interaction.

We have supported Sara with tests and tasks and she has adapted the robot to work with older adults. We are exploring the potential of Pepper in the context of helping with the rehabilitation and support of individual with cognitive decline, also in association with our project with the charity MHA in care homes, where Pepper could be an innovative tool to facilitate the care home staff in enhancing and supporting cognitive abilities and daily routines of the residents. In the photo a first meeting with Anthony, Pepper, Ming Hung Hsu (Methodist Homes Associations) and Sara Cooper.

We have also run a first pilot study with healthy older participants (65-90 yrs), which has been successful