Tamara Fedotiuk (Dr)

Researcher at Risk Fellow 2022-2024


I am a Ukrainian qualified psychologist. I graduated with honors from Kiev Dragomanov Pedagogical University (Ukraine) with a bachelor’s/master’s degree in research psychology. I defended my PhD thesis in 1997 and since then I worked in both applied and academic contexts in Kiev, with significant involvement in knowledge exchange between academia, educational settings and audiences (e.g., school professionals and parents). I relocated to the UK in 2022 following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and I am now a Visiting Researcher at Middlesex University, Faculty of Science and Technology.

I am a developmental psychologist with extensive experience working with children and adolescents in the field of diagnosing mental health and learning difficulties; their adjustment to school, coping with stress and intervention in the areas of self-esteem, empathy and competence. I am an expert on professionals working with children, as well as on parental input.

I am currently a volunteer at the Ukrainian Center in London (UnityHub Charitable Foundation) and work with parents and children. The support I am receiving under the Researcher At Risk scheme (Council of Scientists at Risk) will allow me to develop a research programme with Dr Franco and conduct a mixed methods project with refugee caregivers. This project will serve as a basis for assessing maternal and child risk, mental health and parenting, using some of the same indicators that were used in our recent Music4DisplacedDyads feasibility study for a larger and more developed intervention project. Being part of MCC Lab means that I have access to Dr Franco’s Research Group (Music, Cognition and Communication Lab) and related networks, for example in the field of Music Therapy. My research project will also develop collaborations with Prof. Bifulco’s team at CATS, which is currently working on secondary trauma, e.g., the impact of child abuse on workers, and training social care professionals in interaction and parenting.


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