Tamar Hadar


Music therapist (MA), Flutist and PhD candidate

 I have an MA in music therapy from Bar Ilan University in Israel, where I have recently submitted my Ph.D. thesis in music therapy. My undergraduate studies include a BA in Performing Art from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, mastering in orchestral flute playing, and a two-year psychology course, completed at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


I am a certified Child-Parent Psychotherapist, specialized in trauma. As a music therapist, I have worked extensively with children diagnosed with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and with developmental delays, as well as with young infants who experienced traumatic events and their families. My expertise includes leading group work, parental counselling, individual sessions, parent-child sessions, assessment and professional supervision.

My research projects focused on:

(1) The influence of parent-infant music groups on the development of communication and parenting. In collaboration with Dr Fabia Franco, we initiated a three-month intervention, that compared the characteristics of two different types of parent-infant music groups: one exclusively based on singing interactions and the other exclusively based on interactions based on the use of the flute;

(2) The meaning of improvisation between musicians and between client and therapist in music therapy;

(3) The use of the principal instrument (in particular the flute) in therapy settings and its unique contribution to the relationship between the client and the therapist.


Summary of qualification

2014- Present: PhD studies in Music therapy, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Topic: “Discovering the meaning of joint improvisation: between musicians and between therapist and client in music therapy”

2015 – 2017: Visiting scholar at Anglia Ruskin University, Department of Music & Performing Arts, Music Therapy, Cambridge, UK

2013-2014: Child-Parent Psychotherapy training program, associated with the Haruv Institute and UCSF Child-Trauma research program, San Francisco General Hospital

2012-2013: Thesis course. Topic: “Discovering the flute’s voice – the relationship of flutist music therapists with their flute, and its impact on their clinical work”

2007-2009: MA in Music therapy, Bar Ilan University, Israel

2004-2006: Psychology Course, The Hebrew University, Israel

2002-2006: B.Mus in Performing Arts, Major: Flute